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There are two effects of the marketing. First you can directly target in the advertisements your Prestige or Reputation, which in turn is increasing the desirability for your cars. Secondly you can also increase your company's market awareness by targeting the select features that are advertised.

The marketing cost depends largely on the size of the target audience in the given country.

Prestige & Reputation

Increasing marketing levels into the Prestige or Reputation directly increases the target Prestige or Reputation in the given country as shown in the table on the right side.

Marketing level effects on reputation and prestige

For example if your current target Prestige level is 22.8 without any marketing, if you set Prestige marketing level to 5, this will increase your target Prestige level to 37.8.

Market Awareness

Apart of the Prestige and Reputation, all of the other marketing settings (towards stats) affect awareness only. For example increasing the drivability marketing spendings, will increase your market awareness in the demographics that value drivability in the cars.