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{{#ifeq:Template|File|It has been suggested that this file needs to be moved to {{{1}}}.|It has been suggested that this article or section be moved to [[{{{1}}}]].}}
{{#if:|* Reason: {{{2}}}
  • Please discuss this on the Discussion page.|* Please see the Discussion page for reasoning.}}

{{#vardefine: nodoc | {{{nodoc}}} }}{{#vardefine: baddoc | {{{baddoc}}} }}{{#if: | {{#ifeq: Move | doc | |

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[[File:Template-{{#if: | no | {{#if: | bad }} }}info.png|50px|bottom]] Documentation
{{#if: | This template has no documentation. If you know how to use this template, please add some.{{#ifeq: Move | doc | |}} |{{#if: | This template's documentation has been marked as bad. Please improve or add to it.{{#ifeq: Move | doc | |}}}} }}

This template is used to suggest that a page should be moved (renamed) to a different title. Since there are no special rights required for page moves, this should be used only when a page move should be discussed first.

The exception is images, which do require special rights for moves. This can be used on image pages even for routine moves.

This template will add tagged pages to Category:Pages to be moved.


{{{{#if:|subst:}}move{{#if:new title| |new title }}{{#if:reason| |reason }}{{#if:| |{{{4}}} }}{{#if:| |{{{5}}} }}{{#if:| |{{{6}}} }}{{#if:| |{{{7}}} }}{{#if:| |{{{8}}} }}{{#if:| |{{{9}}} }}{{#if:| |{{{10}}} }}{{#if:| |{{{11}}} }}{{#if:| |... }}}}

Replace "new title" above with the suggested title for the page, and replace "reason" with a short description of the reason for doing so. The reason is technically optional, but omitting it is discouraged.

{{#ifeq: Move | doc |

This is the documentation page, it should be transcluded into the main template page. See Template:Doc for more information.

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